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Jolene Metallic Gown+

Jolene Metallic Gown+

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Introducing the Jolene Metallic Dress, where formal wear meets avant-garde elegance. Prepare for an unforgettable fashion moment with its high neck collar adorned in silver gems and mirrored accents, exuding luxury and allure. Featuring a crossover waist for an extra flattering silhouette and an ultra-high leg slit for added allure, it promises to turn heads at any event. But the true showstopper? The exquisite combination of metallic front and plush velvet back, creating a stunning contrast that elevates your style to new heights.

Top Features:

  • High Neck Collar
  • Mirrored Gems and Stones
  • Ultra High  Left Leg Slit
  • Metallic Front, Velvet Back
  • Crossover Front Waist

What should I wear with it?  Silver Jewelry, Heels, Clutch

Where should I wear it to? Celebration, Party, Formal Event

This item runs true to size. 

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