About Us

House of Culture has been around since 1991. Through its many lives House of Culture's mission has remained and consistently been accomplished; bringing unique outfits and style to Boston in an environment of culture and art.

In 1991 Patrick Petty opened Culture Shock on Boston's Newbury Street. At the time Newbury Street was a thriving busy Boston Street of boutiques and unique small businesses. Culture Shock was inspired by Patrick's lived experiences from growing up in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio to attending college in London, England. The store incorporated  different cultural elements including a DJ Booth and of course a collection of art that ranged from black mothers to Billie Holiday and Josephine Baker.

"I wanted to bring the experience I had in London to the store. When I first went to college everything was new: a new college, new beginnings, new culture. I wanted you to feel that way when you stepped into the shop."

In 1998, as Culture Shock evolved to become more of a Community and Boston staple the store was renamed House of Culture.

In 2005 House of Culture moved to Columbus avenue in Boston's South End where is has remained.

House of Culture only carries a limited number of all items in order to maintain exclusivity.