Patrick Petty


Patrick Petty is a wardrobe stylist and the owner of House of Culture. Growing up Petty had an affinity toward fashion and tailoring. Petty's father was a preacher and Petty grew up admiring his fathers well tailored suits. In high school he began tailoring, modifying, and making his own clothes and even a few prom dresses for his classmates. 

As his formal career in fashion expanded Petty attended college in London, England, majoring in Fashion Design and Merchandising.

In a chance meeting in London, Petty met the owner of clothing store, Allston Beat. He offered Petty a job as merchandise buyer at his Boston store. As Petty began to learn the business side of fashion and manage the store his aspirations grew bigger.

In another chance meeting in the late 1980s Petty met Donnie Wahlberg of Boston boy band New Kids On the Block. As they began working together Petty became the wardrobe stylist for New Kids On the Block and has continued working with them to this day. Petty has worked all over the world with celebrities including Boyz II Men, Xscape, Jay-Z, Dominque Wilkins, Ray Allen. Patrick Petty was also tasked with arranging Mark Wahlberg's first ad campaign- the now famed Calvin Klein underwear ad.

In 1991 Petty opened Culture Shock, now House of Culture, on Boston's Newbury Street. 

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