The Thanksgiving Edit

The Thanksgiving Edit

It is the beginning of the season, the most wonderful time of the year. Before we fully commit to the December madness we have the comforting chaos that is Thanksgiving. The family, the food, the first embrace of the Holiday season. But first, as we always ask at HOC- "What Should I Wear?" 

I present to you the Thanksgiving Edit.

Table of Contents:

I. Top Picks

II.  Stretch Denim

III. Rich Auntie

IV. All You Can Eat Approved


I. Top Picks

Staff Picks for the walk from the couch to the table

Orange Knit

Pink Off the Shoulder Knit

Classic Pleated Skirt

Suede Pants

Oversized Plaid Coat


II. Stretch Denim 

You won't have to unbutton these jeans after dinner

Double Ring Jeans

Slight Sailor

Tapered Denim

Sailors Knot


III. Rich Auntie 

When it's time to remind the family

Croc Wrap Dress

Dime Pants

Penny Pants

Sherpa Coat

Ring Dress  available in Olive and Cherry

Mistro Jumpsuit


IV. All You Can Eat Approved

Loose enough for the table, Cute enough for The Gram

Knit Wrap Dress

Black Satin

Cropped Leather

Houndstooth Vest

Juliet Top

Polka Dot Blouse

Sweater Weather Tunic- White

Sweater Weather Tunic- Black

Evergreen Cardigan


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Happy Holidays




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