Patrick Petty and Zoë Petty of House of Culture, posing at the 2024 Legacy Boston Award Ceremony

House of Culture: A Legacy Boston Business

Boston's Legacy Boston Business Ceremony 2024

We are thrilled to announce that House of Culture, has been recognized as a Legacy Business by the City of Boston! Since our opening in 1991, originally known as Culture Shock, we have proudly served the Boston community for 33 years, evolving into a cornerstone for women’s clothing and unique fashion in the city. This prestigious recognition from the Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion highlights our enduring contribution to Boston’s vibrant community and rich cultural tapestry.

Zoë Petty, Creative Director for House of Culture, posing at the 2024 Legacy Boston Award Ceremony

As our boutique has grown, we've watched Boston change and evolve, yet our relationships with our customers have always remained at the forefront of our service. At House of Culture, we’ve sold more than just outfits—we’ve been a part of creating cherished memories. We’ve heard countless stories, shared in joy and sorrow, and had many in-store "therapy sessions" to go along with our styling sessions. This deep bond with our customers is what makes our women’s clothing store more than a store but a true community hub.

Now in our second generation, House of Culture remains a proud black owned business and now a family business. This legacy is built on the foundation of our loyal customers and the entire HOC family. Your support has been the backbone of our journey, allowing us to thrive and grow.

The best is yet to come for House of Culture, and we are excited to continue being your go-to Boston boutique for exceptional women’s clothing and unique fashion finds. Thank you for being a part of our legacy!


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